Lending a Helping Hand

Sometimes its difficult finding new sources of revenue so that you can help more people. Let us help you.

Have an upcoming event? We can help you with everything from print to event photographers, photo booths, media walls, and swag. We can even help your sponsors save some money on swag while also generating new revenue for your foundation.

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Swag Referral

Through this program, not only will you save money on your promotional items, but you will also recieve free services or 10% referral fees.

Event Photography

We can provide your event with photographers, or you can have this services provided for free if your sponsors buy promotional items*

Print & Design

Require print services? Just another service we provide. We can also design print material (this service is another service that can be provided for free).

Photo Booth

A great addition to any event, especially to spread awareness for your charity or foundation. This is also a service that can be discounted or provided for free.

Finding Donations isn't easy

Thats why we give you the ability to raise money through a service businesses need!

Sometime you will find it difficult for people or businesses to donate their hard earned cash to your cause, as noble as it may be, some businesses can not fit it in their budgets. Through our charity referral program, we will give them the ability to spend their marketing dollars on marketing their business through positive and stackable promotions and give a percentage to your charity. A win win. For their "heart felt donation", we will also give them better pricing on any of the items in our store.


Creative New fund raising system

We have come up with a new way to raise a lot of money and spread awareness!

We have a very new and unique idea that is guaranteed to get noticed. This new way of spreading awareness for charities and foundations as well as raising money for them will only be available for charities and non-profits that are registered and active in this Charity Support System provided by King of Promos. For more information, please do fill out your contact information in the above form.